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Lily & Rose: Blossoming Magic

Magic amplifies feelings, feelings amplify magic. Users of magic should be careful that their heads are cool and their hearts are calm when using magic. It's really tough for Naturals, who are using magic all the time, no matter if they're thinking about it or not.
Lilia Martinson has always wanted to be a mage from an early age. From an early childhood, Lilia has also loved girls - a fact that she has not kept hidden until recently when she turned 17. And now, she's going to attend a school for magically gifted people.But then she bumps into a Rose Caldwell, a pink-haired girl who appears cold and distant, almost rudely so. Lilia can't keep her eyes away from her, though. In a world where powerful feelings can literally kill, falling in love sounds like a bad idea gone worse for a Natural. But, you "Can't Help Falling in Love with You..."



Girls In Love

Collection of my short stories. Every story added will be complete, but I will be adding new stories as I write them. Each part will be its own one-shot short story.
#3 in The Rainbow Awards (2021) in Short Story category. 96/100 points."It is a very well-written, heart-touching collection of stories about Lesbian love. Anna--V has a way with her words and writes beautifully."
- BhumikaBV @ Wattpad
Stories Included So Far:You May Now Kiss the Bride
Thoughts About a Sleeping Girl
@LiaLove & @NinnyBunny
The Mage and The Fox
Fortune Cookie



The Prophecy

An initiate angel prophesied to save the world, and a low-class demon send to stop her. But something about it all doesn't sound alright. And for some reason, the demon can't seem to get her eyes away from the angel after a while...




"In a street corner in a mostly abandoned part of a city, there lies a quaint little coffee shop. The antique plaque over the weathered black door has some rune-like decorations, the phases of the moon and the word "Midnight" in flowing letters."
A cafe run by four supernatural beings, who listen and loan a shoulder to a variety of clientele, not forgetting their own stories in the background.


Among Stars

Among Stars

A story following a space ship pilot and explorer when she's returning from a ten-year expedition from the outer reaches of the galaxy and finds all kinds of stuff on the way. And perhaps even something she didn't bargain for...




Awakenings: Joanna

Joanna, a woman walking in a really bad weather, having her heart broken, her life shattered. Instead of going home, she suddenly decides to change direction and goes to a bar, planning on getting drunk for the first time in her life, but destiny had other plans. A plan named Katherine.
This story is part of my "Awakenings" -series. Please note that this story contains descriptions of sexual acts and/or may include other mature themes. Reader discretion is advised. Only meant for adult audiences.



Awakenings: Alanna

A family of five. A friend. The father overseas, the mother with the little brother visiting relatives. Big sister's friend visiting. And then quarantine hits, and everybody is stuck. How are three teenage girls going to live together, when two of them are gay and there are some feelings involved.
This story is part of my "Awakenings" -series. Please note that this story contains descriptions of sexual acts and/or may include other mature themes. Reader discretion is advised. Only meant for adult audiences.



Awakenings: Melinda

A girl wronged, cheated on, and broken. A caring friend. But how much is friendship and do either of them want more out of it than just friends...?
This story is part of my "Awakenings" -series. Please note that this story contains descriptions of sexual acts and/or may include other mature themes. Reader discretion is advised. Only meant for adult audiences.



The Squad

Specialist military operatives. A team of five. An extra-special last-minute addition. High-risk mission, impossible odds. Oh, and possibly hot lesbians.



Awakenings: Mizuki

A homophobic bigot. An out-and-proud lesbian. It's like hate at first sight. Life is not gentle for Satou Mizuki, who assumes "the gays" are horrible freaks of nature. But life has a lesson for Satou. One that she could remember the rest of her life. Bad things happen on both sides and they start to see that maybe, just maybe, there's something other in life than hate and anxiety.
This story is part of my "Awakenings" -series. Please note that this story contains descriptions of sexual acts and/or may include other mature themes. Reader discretion is advised. Only meant for adult audiences.


A hobbyist writer from Finland, writing mainly happy and sappy LGBT romances with sugary happy endings. Part of the LGBT community and it shows in the stories - most of the pairings are of two women.

Books about love and cuteness

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Books for mature audiences

(Still about love and cuteness too, though. Just with added spice.)

These stories and many others are available completely for free from my Wattpad page (Or, if you prefer, most are also up at Inkitt):


A home cook, experimenting in the kitchen with sometimes delicious, sometimes not-so-delicious results...I apologize for my blog being in the old format still. You can click under the frame to open the blog itself.The content is old, as I have not had the time and energy to experiment much in the kitchen lately. I also started a lifestyle change with my eating habits, and that has also changed how I cook and eat.

I'm the eldest of six siblings and of the fourteen grandchildren my grandma had, the eldest who didn't live hundreds of miles away. So I've had my share of taking care of little ones, which I love more than I can say. Being a stay-at-home mom has been my dream for longer than I can remember.
So, that obviously included cooking food... I've been doing that for ages, but at first I enjoyed baking so much more, it was only later that I found out I actually do prefer cooking food over baking. While I'm not a professional cook, I know my way around the kitchen and can use the tools that are there, knives included. I absolutely adore sharp cooking knives. They make it a joy to slice and chop things for a salad.That said, my "cooking career" has been on a little break for the last couple of years because stuff has happened in real life and I have not had the time, nor the energy to play around in the kitchen as much as I would have liked.I enjoy making (and eating!) spicy foods, creamy soups and things you stick into a pan and then into the oven. I cook mostly veggies and chicken, with a special mention to onions, because... well. onions. Onions are amazing.





Writer, Cook, Photographer, Mother & Wife, Gamer
Also quite a lot of reading, some drawing, and a tiny bit of playing with a keyboard. I do a lot of things when I have time from my Mother aspect :)




Neurodiverse Dragon
Writer, artist, wifey. Language geek. Has an eye for details. Likes dragons. Is fascinated by symbols. And shiny things.The voice of reason in the family. We'd be deep in the doodoo without Mer.




Gaming Daughter
Shotgun and Shield wielding princess on the field. Duck, if your life means anything. Also likes tiny, cute piglets a lot.




Lovable Nuisance
Prime artist and general nuisance. Moth's job has been making me tear off my hair since the moment they were born.




Young Writer
Writer and owl-lover extraordinaire.




Car and gaming enthusiast.


A hobbyist photographer, mainly taking photos of nature and people.

I fell in love with photography around the time our first child was born. I took a ton of images from the first couple of years after that, then our next child was born and it didn't stop... :D I'm not a pro, nor do I really want to me. I like to take pictures I want to see and look myself, I photograph purely for my own and my family's entertainment.
I started with a Canon PowerShot A40, which was a really nice little thing, but struggled in low-light too much. Then I got a little more serious and got me a Canon PowerShot G2, my first camera that allowed me to shoot manually, and I really, really fell in love with that.At one point, I had a decent collection of camera bodies and lenses, mainly Pentax bodies and old lenses. I had a Pentax K-m, a K-x, and a K-30 that I loved sooo much. But it had a manufacturing defect, and it went dark.Then I got into Nikon and had a D70 and a D300. I was really aiming to get a better collection with these, but then I swapped over to MFT cameras, because the size of DSLRs is a bit restrictive, both for the weight and carrying capacity, and my hands.I went Lumix and got a DMC-G3 that I still own. After some time, I sold all of my other gear and went exclusively Mirrorless.I own the Lumix DMC-G3 still, it's used by my children to take photos when they want. In addition to that, I have a Lumix DC-GX9, my main camera, along with an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II. Then I have a little one that I carry with me, a Lumix LX100 that is an amazing thing. It was a very fast lens, larger sensor for its size and it allows me to shoot fully manual.I also have a tiny pink Nikon and an old Sony Alpha NEX-3, both with only a couple of lenses, but with adapters I can use all my old vintage glass with all the other cameras but the LX100, which is not an interchangeable lens camera.


A gamer, playing on PC, consoles, handhelds, pen & paper RPGs, board games, card games, you name it.

I've played video games since I could read, almost. I was about 7 years old when I received my first computer, a Basic 2000. It had no way to load or save games, so I had to program them myself. From that time on, I've enjoyed programming in a variety of ways.
When I was a teen, I got a Commodore 64 and I was a happy gamer for many years. One of my favorite games from that time, is Bubble Bobble. That computer also started me on the road to loving RPGs, with the Ultima series. I've probably played Ultima V more hours than I care to think :)After that, I got into slightly less common computers (I never had an Amiga or an Atari.) I got a SEGA SC-3000, which was more of a console than a C64, but featured a full-size keyboard and a Basic Language module.The one next to it was a CP/M machine, which I forgot the brand and model of. Very probably an IBM machine. That was my last non-PC machine for many, many years.On the PC side, I went from an i8088 to an i286, then an i486-40MHz, an i486-100MHz. Then the Intel Pentium released, and I bought an iP-166MHz after a couple of years. It was the first computer I ever bought with my own money, and I still remember it fondly. It was the first time I had a CD-drive, then bought a SoundBlaster 16 ASP sound card and it's still one of the best purchases I've ever made.Then world changed, 3D entered the game and I bought a Diamond Viper V330 - a nVidia Riva 128-based 3D display adapter and I've been a happy nVidia user ever since then.After that it kind of became less important what computer I had, and more important what games I played. I love old-style Adventure games, like Monkey Island, Loom and other Sierra/Lucas Arts-era gems.I've loved all kinds of RPGs, Action RPGs, Adventure games, even some shooters. Also at one point I played all the MMOs that I found.



I was born into a world that was remarkably different from the one we have now. Some things have taken leaps forward so much you'd never have been able to guess, some things have stayed the same. Others, even gone backwards.
One big thing, for me, has been that LGBTQ+ representation and acceptance has come forward quite a lot. Things were terrible for us in the 1980s and 1990s. It got slightly better year after year from 2000 and is now at the point where I can actually see it getting to a good point in the future. Probably not in my lifetime, but for our children. And that makes me happy.

I have always loved technology and children - which, I know, is slightly an awkward combination. It generally doesn't result in anything productive if you mix these two. But as the world goes forward, it becomes more important that we teach the kids to use technology, and use it responsibly.I am the nerd mother, who's playing multiplayer games with their kids and handing them keyboards and tablets from the moment they can grab with their little hands.I got interested in writing when I was a teen, after having read for a few years before that. I was (and still am) a bookworm. I love reading books, mostly Fantasy, SciFi, and Romance novels. Sadly, LGBT representation in said genres is sporadic at best. It was for this reason that I started writing in the first place - I wanted a story that had characters I could associate with.Then life happened, and I took a long break from writing and only started writing more a few months back again.I hope I'm a slightly better writer than 20 years ago :P I do actually even like what I write, even though Mer seems to disagree with my choice of genres and use of words, but oh well. :)
- Anna


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Rest assured though, I will get back to you, if your message requires it. If not, I'll just humbly thank you for your kind words <3- Anna